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S/MIME Tips and Tricks


The GMail web interface does not do S/MIME but one can access GMail via POP and IMAP with a client that can do S/MIME. However, my (D.O.) experience with IMAP and GMail is that the performance is vveeerrryyy slow (for my inbox) so I make a GMail filter to forward S/MIME signed messages to another account where IMAP performance is tollerable, either a GMail account with few messages or a local server, and then use Thunderbird for S/MIME in the usual way. The trick in this is to set up the GMail filter that seems catches S/MIME messages and forwards them. This filter consists of
  • Has attachment
  • Has the words "smime.p7s"
  • Forward to "other account" and "Keep copy in my main inbox"

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