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Hardware Security Module (HSM) Information

FIPS 140 Level 2

  • Required by the SLCS authentication profile.

HSM Features required by profile

  • Device must show tamper evidence, so that tamper evident protection must be broken to attain physical access to the plaintext cryptographic keys and critical security parameters (CSPs) within the module to protect against unauthorized physical access.
  • Role-based authentication in which a cryptographic module authenticates the authorization of an operator to assume a specific role and perform a corresponding set of services.
  • The private key stored on the HSM should not be exportable in plaintext form.

Devices rated at FIPS 140 level 2

FIPS 140 Level 3

  • Required by the Classic and MICS authentication profiles.

HSM Features required by profile

Devices rated at FIPS 140 level 3


Dhiva offers the DOEGrids netHSMs for use by other TAGPMA CAs. Contact for details.


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