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IGTF-RAT.2009-02r1.24 - 16 Sep 2009 - 05:43 - JamesAlanBasney710056topic end

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2009-02: Verify Contact Information

On August 25, 2009, the IGTF RAT performed a test of the registered email addresses for all IGTF CAs.

Request To CA Operators

Subject: [IGTF-ALERT] verify contact information
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 09:25:23 -0500

IGTF CA operators,

Please acknowledge receipt of this message WITHIN ONE BUSINESS DAY by
completing the survey at:

  [address omitted]

The IGTF Risk Assessment Team (RAT) expects IGTF CAs to respond within
one business day to urgent messages (such as this one) sent to the
email address that appears in the CA's ".info" file in the IGTF CA
distribution. CA response times will be published on the RAT web site:

Jim Basney
On behalf of the IGTF RAT


74 CAs responded within 24 hours. 20 CAs did not.

A follow-up request was sent 24 hours after the first to those CAs that had not yet responded.

15 CAs responded after the follow-up request.

Results were posted to igtf-general 48 hours after the first message.

Responses received within the first 24 hours (sorted by Unix date):

1251210480 1d879c6c CERN-TCA
1251210480 d254cc30 CERN-Root
1251210547 9b59ecad CESNET
1251210568 1149214e DFN-GridGermany-Root
1251210568 34f8e29c DFN-GridGermany-User
1251210568 a02131f7 DFN-SLCS
1251210568 fe102e03 DFN-GridGermany-Server
1251210576 99f9f5a3 FNAL-SLCS
1251210654 1691b9ba TRGrid
1251210819 28a58577 HellasGrid-Root
1251210819 468d15b3 SEE-GRID
1251210819 82b36fca HellasGrid-CA-2006
1251210831 1f0e8352 NorduGrid
1251210837 a317c467 AIST
1251210851 f5ead794 PK-Grid-2007
1251210853 ff94d436 SRCE
1251210960 b7bcb7b2 UNLPGrid
1251211005 2ac09305 TACC-MICS
1251211005 684261aa TACC-Root
1251211005 e5cc84c2 TACC-Classic
1251211062 03aa0ecb BEGrid
1251211062 e8d818e6 BEGrid2008
1251211162 7d0d064a MARGI
1251211805 ce33db76 IRAN-GRID
1251212024 3f0f4285 ULAGrid-CA-2008
1251212047 304cf809 SWITCHslcs
1251212047 47d3d1a0 SWITCH-Personal-2007
1251212047 5cf9d536 QuoVadis-Root-CA1
1251212047 7b2d086c SwissSign-Root
1251212047 c4435d12 SWITCH
1251212047 d0b701c0 SWITCHgrid-Root
1251212047 e36e7a72 SwissSign-Bronze
1251212047 e72045ce SWITCH-QuoVadis-Grid-ICA
1251212047 e9d08b40 SwissSign-Silver
1251212047 eebc7717 SWITCH-Server-2007
1251212294 617ff41b KEK
1251212540 bffbd7d0 GridCanada
1251212566 709bed08 BYGCA
1251213613 1f3834d0 RomanianGRID
1251213689 0a12b607 UGRID
1251213920 16da7552 NIKHEF
1251213993 2f3fadf6 INFN-CA-2006
1251214079 9b95bbf2 NCSA-mics
1251214079 e8ac4b61 ncsa-gridshib-ca
1251214079 f2e89fe3 NCSA-slcs
1251214169 11b4a5a2 LIPCA
1251214238 367b75c3 UKeScienceCA-2007
1251214238 98ef0ee5 UKeScienceRoot-2007
1251214384 9dd23746 pkIRISGrid
1251214911 09ff08b7 CNRS2-Projets
1251214911 12a1d8c2 CNRS-Grid-FR
1251214911 163af95c CNRS2
1251214911 34a509c3 CNRS-Projets
1251214911 cf4ba8c8 CNRS
1251214911 d11f973e CNRS2-Grid-FR
1251215435 1e43b9cc Grid-Ireland
1251218674 b93d6240 NERSC-SLCS
1251219655 295adc19 REUNA-ca
1251219956 1c3f2ca8 DOEGrids
1251219956 d1b603c3 ESnet
1251226438 cc800af0 NIIF
1251233931 0a2bac92 BrGrid
1251233931 a9082267 LACGridCA
1251235229 1e12d831 APAC
1251243506 3d5be7bc SiGNET-CA
1251246539 a87d9192 NAREGI
1251247899 9cd75e87 ASGCCA-2007
1251261638 d1737728 NGO-Netrust
1251268794 dd4b34ea GermanGrid
1251272241 2a237f16 BalticGrid
1251276509 e13e0fcf SlovakGrid
1251282111 da75f6a8 IGCA
1251282908 6e3b436b AustrianGrid
1251288711 3232b9bc MREN-CA

CAs that did not respond within the first 24 hours:

2418a3f3 BG-ACAD-CA
24c3ccde UNAMgrid-ca
393f7863 AEGIS
4798da47 HKU
55994d72 RDIG
5e5501f3 RMKI
6fee79b0 IUCC
71a89a47 NCHC
722e5071 KISTI-2007
742edd45 CALG
7721d4d3 PRAGMA-UCSD
7b54708e MaGrid
8a047de1 NECTEC
8a661490 PolishGrid
9ff26ea4 MD-Grid
afe55e66 CyGrid
b2771d44 CNIC
ba2f39ca IHEP
c48c63f3 SDG
d0c2a341 ArmeSFo

Responses received after second notice (in order received):

7b54708e MaGrid
7721d4d3 PRAGMA-UCSD
b2771d44 CNIC
c48c63f3 SDG
afe55e66 CyGrid
d0c2a341 ArmeSFo
8a047de1 NECTEC
4798da47 HKU
71a89a47 NCHC
722e5071 KISTI-2007
55994d72 RDIG
2418a3f3 BG-ACAD-CA
5e5501f3 RMKI
393f7863 AEGIS
ba2f39ca IHEP

CAs that did not respond within the first 48 hours:

24c3ccde UNAMgrid-ca
6fee79b0 IUCC
742edd45 CALG
8a661490 PolishGrid
9ff26ea4 MD-Grid

Responses received after the igtf-general post (in order received):

24c3ccde UNAMgrid-ca (Thu, 27 Aug 2009 18:34:21 -0500)
9ff26ea4 MD-Grid (Fri, 28 Aug 2009 05:25:50 -0500)
742edd45 CALG (Mon, 14 Sep 2009 03:09:23 -0500)
6fee79b0 IUCC (Wed, 16 Sep 2009 03:15:10 -0500) - reported RAT emails not received
8a661490 PolishGrid (Wed, 16 Sep 2009 07:41:47 -0500)

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